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本文摘要:The phone maker, which partnered with video game company Valve for its virtual reality headset, delays the device to next year. It was supposed to launch in time for the holidays.手机厂商HTC宣告,公司与电子游戏厂商Valve合作开发的虚拟现实头盔将延期至明年公布,Vive头盔原订于在年底各大假期


The phone maker, which partnered with video game company Valve for its virtual reality headset, delays the device to next year. It was supposed to launch in time for the holidays.手机厂商HTC宣告,公司与电子游戏厂商Valve合作开发的虚拟现实头盔将延期至明年公布,Vive头盔原订于在年底各大假期前公布。If you had an HTC Vive on your Christmas list, it looks like even Santa wont be able to get it to you in time.如果HTC Vive原本在你的圣诞出售表格上的话,现在显然就算圣诞老人也无法让你如愿以偿了。Phone maker HTC said Tuesday it is delaying its virtual reality goggles until April 2016, more than four months later than the original plan to offer the device for sale in limited quantities this year.手机厂商HTC周二宣告,将该款虚拟现实头盔将被延期至2016年4月公布,比原订于今年获取限量销售的计划延期了4个月。

We remain committed to delivering the HTC Vive to a broader group of content creators and partners, and remain focused on delivering the very best experience possible for a consumer release, the company wrote on its website, citing speculation about the Vives planned release this month.“我们仍不会向更大范围的内容创造者和合作伙伴获取HTC Vive,并且专心于在面向消费者公布该产品时尽量获取最佳的用户体验。”公司在其官网上如是写到,并宣告了原订于本月公布的Vive头盔的最后公布时间。The company announced the Vive in March as part of a partnership with Valve, which is known for its Half-Life video games and Steam online store.公司在今年3月宣告将与电子游戏厂商Valve 合作开发虚拟现实Vive头盔,Valve(威乐软件)因其电子游戏半条命等系列游戏和Steam在线服务名声大噪。

HTCs delay represents just the latest bump in virtual realitys long and winding road from research projects to store shelves. So far, only two headsets, Googles Cardboard and Samsungs Gear VR, are being offered to consumers. Others wont be available until next year.HTC公司该产品的延期公布解释虚拟现实技术从研究项目南北实体店的道路显然是漫长而交错的。到目前为止,只有谷歌的Cardboard和三星的Gear VR这两款已面向消费者的虚拟现实产品,其他产品都须要等到明年才有可能上市。We still dont know the price or detailed launch dates for products like the Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR or HTC Vive, all of which are focused on high-end VR games and videos.目前这些虚拟现实产品如Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR 或 HTC Vive的售价和明确公布时间还尚能不具体,这些产品都将专心于高端虚拟现实游戏和视频领域。The lack of detail hasnt stopped fans from eagerly hyping these devices, nor has it stopped a flood of developers from creating all sorts of content. Major streaming companies Hulu and Netflix work with the devices, while game makers like Microsoft, Harmonix and Sony are preparing to offer games.虽然还不确切这些细节,但这并无法制止粉丝们为这些设备的盼望造势,大批开发商也急迫为这些产品创作各种内容。

主要的两大流媒体公司Hulu 和 Netflix皆想与这些产品合作,而微软公司, Harmonix 和索尼都分别回应为这些产品获取游戏。Despite all this enthusiasm, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg -- who pushed Facebook to buy Oculus last year -- has begun lowering expectations for how quick the uptake will be for these devices. This is going to grow slowly, he warned in September. If you think about the arrival of computers or smartphones, the first units shipped did not ship tens of millions in their first year. But they proved an idea and made it real.尽管有这般热情,去年刚刚顺利并购Oculus的脸书首席执行官马克扎克伯格却开始上调预期,这些新的设备的最初销量有可能都会太高。他在9月份就警告,“这些新的设备的进展不会比较慢,想要想当初计算机和智能手机问世时的情景,在第一年这些设备的销量都会太高,但它们证明了某点子是可以变为现实的。

”For now, HTC said it plans to offer 7,000 more prototypes of its device to developers ahead of next years launch.目前,HTC回应公司想在明年月公布Vive头盔之前再行向开发商获取7000多套设备样品。